What is Mindmix and how do you use it?

Hey you—have you been feeling anxious or stressed lately? Or just want to start paying more attention to your mental health? Maybe you want assistance in your self-improvement journey. The solution might be in forming a mindfulness practice!

Meet Mindmix
Its nice to meet you! Even though we've been on the Apple App Store and Google play store for a few months now, we wanted to officially introduce ourselves! Mindmix was developed as a mindfulness tool for people that have short attention spans. We figured creating a quick and simple way to express our thoughts and feelings would increase the likelihood of it being an everyday thing.
Why use Mindmix?
Having an everyday mindfulness practice doesn’t have to mean spending an hour meditating and writing in a dream journal every morning. With Mindmix, its about as quick as scrolling through tik tok or commenting under a post online. Mindmix was built with digital natives in mind. Building self-awareness is like building a muscle—using it often leads to consistent growth. Checking in with yourself every day with Mindmix is a simple exercise that can help you beef up those self-awareness muscles.
How Mindmix works
Complete diary entry prompts:
Every diary entry prompts you to complete the statements: “I feel grateful today for…” and “I am upset today about…”. We Try to help you focus on the good things in life as well as what's getting on your nerves. In addition to improving mental health, gratitude-based reflection and mindful complaining (as its scientifically called) can also indirectly improve physical health.

Add pictures and locations to journal entries:
Even though this is completely optional, you can add pictures and locations to give context to your memoirs. This is especially nice if you want to look back at your previous entries to reminisce. Or, can you imagine, you realize that you're always frustrated when your friends bring that one friend of theirs along.

Set daily check-in notifications:
We want to help make self-reflection an everyday part of your life and if you’re like us, you might forget to do things like this. This prompted us to include the ability to set self-check in notifications.

Share your entries (eventually):
A big feature we’ll be implementing in the future is the ability to share your feelings with other people on the platform. This will give you the chance to see that you aren’t alone and a chance to grow with others. Mindmix is an ever-changing platform, but the benefits of journaling with us will always be the same:

  • Reduce overthinking
  • Decrease emotional reactivity
  • Improve mental flexibility
  • Increase self-insight
  • And so much more!

Speaking of benefits, we'd like to invite you to grow with us by joining our 14-day journaling challenge! Every day, we will send an email nudging you to log your feelings into the app.