The quick & simple mindfulness journal for digital natives.

Let us help you improve self-awareness through self-reflection.

Add Mindmix to your mindfulness routine!

Available on iOS and Android

Why use a Mindfulness Journal?

A mindfulness routine can help you:

Improve Mental Focus

Lower Stress

Be Nicer to Yourself

Extremely Flexible

Intuitive features, powerful results

  •     Answer simple questions to check in with yourself

  •     Journal your thoughts and intentions

  •     Add images and locations to journal entries

  •     Set daily journaling reminders

  •     Select from preset and custom prompt responses

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With mindmix you can

Practice Gratitude
Talk about Frustrations
Share your Feelings with Others
Increase Self-Awareness
Improve Objectivity
Reduce Stress
MindMix App

Everything you need in one spot

Unlike traditional meditation, journaling is a mindfulness method that doesn’t require you to sit still and stay quiet for a gazillion years. It just requires you to be honest with yourself about what you feel and think.

Mindmix helps facilitate your self-reflection by prompting you to talk about what you’re grateful for and what’s bothering you.

Features of App

How much does this cost?

Mindmix is completely
$ 0 .00 / month

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Add Mindmix to your mindfulness routine!

Available on iOS and Android


Common Questions

We understand your thoughts are your own. That’s why we built Mindmix with your privacy in mind. None of your journal entries are ever shared without your permission. You don’t need to make an account to use Mindmix, and all data remains on the phone by default. If you choose to sign up for an account we can enable cloud backups and additional features, but we still do not share your journals with anyone.

Mindmix is completely free

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